What are Dental Implants?

Having perfect teeth is a desire that many patients share, and this desire can be made possible through dental implant placement and restoration. Patients can finally have the bright and vibrant smile that they have always wanted through this safe and reliable dental solution. More details about dental implant placement and restoration in Beverly Hills are available to patients when they get in touch with The Dental Sedation Center.

Dental implants are synthetic substitutes for a lost tooth and tooth root. These replacements are fastened to a patient’s jawbone in a similar manner as a natural tooth and are secured using a special post which is customarily constructed from titanium or occasionally a titanium alloy. The dental implants are created to look and act like a normal tooth including withstanding the pressure a tooth normally experiences. Since dental implants are fused to the jaw bone, they not only assist to replace a lost tooth but also stabilize the jaw and help it, and the soft tissues, maintain their shape and strength.


Good Candidates for Dental Implants

Patients who have lost one or more teeth and want to restore their bright and perfect smile are ideal candidates for dental implants. Patients are encouraged to cut back on excessive smoking to preserve the quality of their dental implants after implant placement.

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Your Consultation

Patients will need to schedule an informative consultation with Dr. Patric Cohen in order to learn more about the process of getting dental implants. During the consultation, the treatment process will be discussed in detail, and any questions or concerns that the patients might have can be addressed.

The patient’s teeth will be examined to determine how best to approach the procedure. Patients will also be asked questions about their dental and medical histories. Finally, the treatment visits will be scheduled.

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How are Implants Installed?

The implant procedure normally entails three visits. Throughout the initial visit, the patient will have the titanium post installed into his or her jawbone. The post is then left to merge with the bone for a period of a few weeks. The following visit will see to making the actual artificial tooth head. During this visit, an impression of the teeth and the gap will be made in order to craft a unique replacement made especially for that person. During the last visit, the artificial tooth is connected to the post with an abutment and shaped to match the neighboring teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help our patients make informed decisions about their oral health, here are some quick answers to the most common questions about cosmetic dentistry at The Dental Sedation Center.

Can I Have More Than One Dental Implant?

Yes. Dental implants are often used to replace individual missing teeth, and multiple implants can be placed if there are several missing teeth, or if needed to support a dental prosthesis like a bridge or denture. The number of implants that may be required depends on the patient’s specific dental needs and the recommended treatment plan.

Can Dental Implants Be Used to Anchor Dentures?

Absolutely! Dental implants can secure dentures, providing stability and improving comfort while eating and speaking.

How Do I Find a Qualified Implant Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

To find a qualified professional, seek referrals, read reviews, and verify their credentials and experience. Dr. Patric Cohen is highly skilled in dental implants, having completed over 2,500 successful procedures in the past two years. Learn more about Dr. Cohen's expertise today for your peace of mind!

Will Dental Implants Require Special Maintenance?

Dental implants require routine oral hygiene, like natural teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. It is also advised for patients to protect the implants with mouthguards if they participate in heavy physical activities or contact sports, and avoid chewing hard food with their dental implants.

Can I Eat Normally After Getting Dental Implants?

Yes, dental implants enable patients to eat their favorite foods without restrictions once they've fully healed.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Dental Implant?

Dr. Cohen will recommend the appropriate implant type based on individual needs and circumstances.

How Long Should I Wait After Tooth Extraction Before Getting an Implant?

Timing can vary but typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the patient’s specific case and healing rate. A personalized consultation with Dr. Cohen can determine if a patient has fully recovered and is prepared for the next step in their dental implant journey.

Do Dental Implants Interfere With X-rays and Medical Procedures?

Dental implants usually don't interfere with X-rays or medical procedures, but it's crucial to inform healthcare providers beforehand.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions With Dental Implants?

Generally, there are no dietary restrictions with dental implants, allowing patients to enjoy a normal diet.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

Discomfort is manageable with anesthesia and pain relief medications, and it usually subsides within a few days after surgery.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Getting Dental Implants?

Age is less of a concern than overall health. Dental implant candidacy depends more on the patient's overall well-being.

Can I Get Dental Implants if I Have Allergies to Certain Metals?

Yes. Options for metal-free dental implants are available for individuals with metal allergies.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Dental implant coverage varies by insurance plan, so it's best to check with your insurance provider for specific details. Patients may also contact The Dental Sedation Center office for more information.

Should I Get Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Dental implants offer superior stability, aesthetics, and functionality compared to traditional dentures. Selecting dental implants or dentures is a matter of personal choice, and Dr. Cohen is here to assist patients in making the decision that best suits their needs.

Will These Dental Implants Be Safe?

Implants have been employed by dentists for tooth replacement procedures for over 30 years. The stability of these implants is an aspect of the titanium post. Titanium is renowned as an exceptionally biocompatible metal, meaning that it securely fuses with the bone in a process called osseointegration and is fully accepted by the body. By providing this strong foundation, dental implants are the most stable replacement for teeth. Additionally, dental implants are the only tooth restoration treatment that stimulates the bone underneath the area of the missing tooth, helping to support jaw function and soft tissue health, and preventing bone loss.

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The price of a dental implant depends on a number of factors. The chosen materials used to create the implant body, crown, and abutment affect the cost, as does the total time required to perform the placement procedure. The number of implants needed will also impact the price, as will any associated procedures that are performed. Check with your dental insurance provider to ensure that coverage is provided.

Setting Up Your Consultation

For patients looking for high-quality dental implant placement and restoration in Beverly Hills, consider a visit with Dr. Patric Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a skilled cosmetic, restorative, and sedation dentist with decades of experience.

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