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What is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A cosmetic full mouth rehabilitation program is a complex treatment which utilizes a variety of techniques and tools to address multiple concerns including restorative and aesthetic issues. The goal of a full mouth rehabilitation is to help a patient achieve better overall dental health and to give him or her a more pleasing smile. For those who want to see to several concerns, including structural and functional issues, a full mouth rehabilitation program is a great option.


What Procedures are a Part of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The number and type of procedures used will vary depending on what conditions are being addressed. The treatments can include several traditional dental services including:

  • Crowns to correct defects and add strength
  • Onlays to address large cavities and offer natural-looking caps
  • Dental implants and bridges to restore lost teeth
  • Gum grating and bone grafting to augment areas where tissue is diminished
  • TMJ disorder treatments
  • Whitening treatments to remove surface stains
  • Root planing and scaling for gum disease
  • Porcelain veneers to address discoloration, breaks, chips, gaps, and uneven tooth edges


What Will Planning a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Be Like?

When a full mouth rehabilitation is a suitable option for people the process will start with an assessment and examination at the office. The treatment program will be created to serve the patient’s individual needs and the dentist will go over each step of the process with patients. Each part of the mouth will be assessed, the teeth, gums, and jaw. The choice of treatment will be up to the patient however the dentist will make sure they are informed and the benefits or risks associated with each possible treatment are known. To schedule a consultation contact our office.


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