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Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills

Many people struggle with getting to the dentist with any amount of regularity–for some, the struggle is even more intense. The thought of having teeth cleaned or worked on in any capacity can make many paralyzed with fear. The good news, however, is that today many offices like ours offer Sedation Dentistry. This allows for patient’s to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their experience in the dental chair. Many people think Sedation Dentistry means you just sleep through the appointment, but that’s not exactly true. Various forms of “sedation” are used depending on each patient’s individual needs. In some cases an inhaled sedation known as “laughing gas” may be used, in other cases oral sedation (a pill) may be used, or a moderate IV sedation. In some cases a deep sedation and general anesthesia may be used where you are asleep during the whole procedure.

At The Dental Sedation Center our primary concern is your safety and well-being. We want our patients to have a comfortable, enjoyable experience. If you have anxiety about going to the dentistry, contact our office to learn more about sedation dentistry.

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